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Friday, August 05, 2005

Beautiful Vagina Contest: Contestant #2

Another fine vagina! Let's hear it for the girl! And if you want to claim ownership of it, please do.

Lookin' tasty!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are a gross man, you are more like a young boy. I would be ashamed to be your child, and wife.

3:25 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This vagina looks GROSS!

7:27 PM

Anonymous BlogginBizatch said...

i will have to agree with anon, a little beat looking.

9:10 PM

Blogger Pigeon Poo said...

A vagina is a vagina. You just tick it in. Who cares about how it looks? So long as it tastes good, smell good - then it looks good too.

9:28 PM

Anonymous Daphne said...

Its just spread and wet people...jeez. I'm guessing the anons are girls who haven't gone down on any chicks before.

9:34 AM

Blogger Tryst said...

seriously folks, this pic was probably taken with a small digital camera and not airbrushed like you see in porn mags..............for all of those critics, let see you put yours up there!

9:52 AM

Blogger Johnny Wadd said...

Poor quality snatch there my friends, looks as if the owner has some big weight and loose lips as she is plying it back pretty fiercly.

1:32 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't care what anyone says, that vagina is NASTY looking. It looks like if she let go, it'll just flop down and hang in the most unflattering way. Yeck.

2:35 AM

Anonymous blogginbizatch said...

it's a beat cooter! i knew i was a judge for a reason, and mic as well as a few anons agree. and could we all be possibly wrong?

12:54 PM

Blogger Tryst said...

Bizatch............lets see your cooter!

9:07 PM

Blogger Sir Dickhead said...

Let me say that I know that pussy. That's the pussy that doesn't say "ouch, not so hard" or "not so deep" That is a pussy that will milk you from very deep within. I'f you like 'em small...that's up to you. Personally, I like to have my way without all the complaining. Take it like a real tropper!!!

7:02 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you ever taken a pic of your pussy? It's not that easy. If you're a guy try this: Get a magic marker draw a little happy face between your balls and asshole. Now take a pic of it. See how far you have to stretch your ball sac back to take a pic. Not that easy isn't it? If you didn't have a problem taking the pic, you have small little boy balls. Go cry to your mommy.

Maybe it is beat. Maybe it had a small accident when the owner was a child. Maybe it has has two sugeries. Maybe a kid came out of it. Maybe it likes to be fisted. This is a real vagina, not one that is of a child or of an anorexic porn star.

Thanks, Sir Dickhead, and to the others who commented positively. I can only assume that the people who don't like it are pedophiles or guys who are overly superficial and will end up with a woman (if they do) who has a shallow soul.

If the pussy's good, fuck it.

The owner.

7:50 AM


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