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Friday, July 15, 2005

So what have we learned to day

  1. Nipples, much like, penii (plural of penis) are sensitive little critters, so don't over do it. Having said that, a little lubrication can do wonders.
  2. Standing a girl up is a legitimate part of romancing a girl
  3. Making a girl jealous is also a legitimate way of romancing a girl

I'm driving Julia home again. Nothing happened yesterday night, on purpose. While Julia was changing/going to the washroom, I cased her living room.

Guess what I found, behind some classical literature -always look in the least obvious space first -Julia's porn collection. Not large, but big enough. I slipped on in the DVD before I left and then shut the machine down.

When I get to her place, I'll go over to her TV, fake some confusion about how to work the contraptions - like 3 or 4 remotes - and lo and behold, her DVD player will suddenly spring to life

Julia, that is some move you have in your DVD!

Yes there is a chance that she found the movie last night, but if she did, I have a good idea of what she was up to after I left?


Blogger Far said...

your so sneaky.. i cant believe ppl actually do shit like this LOL

4:10 PM

Blogger Tryst said...

its all part of the game, beautiful

4:15 PM

Blogger Far said...

shit your making me lose whatever faith i have left in men (which isnt much btw)... i really gotta stop reading this lol

4:17 PM

Blogger Tryst said...

For a beauty like you, a lack of faith in men is only good common sense

4:19 PM

Blogger B.A.D.D. said...

I can't wait for the post where you bring home an STD to your wife.

9:18 PM

Blogger Tryst said...

Thanks for the wishes.

Call U Next Tuesday

8:13 AM

Anonymous PureMood said...

yikes that was harsh... while i'm all about being monogamous.... i wouldn't wish an STD upon your wife.

12:46 AM


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