tryst (trst) n. 1. An agreement, as between lovers, to meet at a certain time and place. 2. A meeting or meeting place that has been agreed on.

Monday, July 18, 2005

So, I got this email earlier today

as I alluded to in an earlier post, from a girl I met at camp about 10 years ago.

She did a google search for me , found an old address, and sent me an email, asking if I remembered her.

I rarely check that particular email.

We have been talking all morning. She has been married for about a year.

We are meeting for coffee later this week.


Anonymous PM said...

Only married a year and meetin' another guy -that's just wrong if wrong intentions are there. IMO. I hope her husband is aware...

3:02 PM

Blogger Tryst said...

of course not silly!

besides, its just coffee.

3:37 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

'of course not silly!'

ooops, that sounds a bit girlish. i wonder if tryst is a woman with an overactive imagination?

'besides, it's just coffee'
tryst we know nothing is simple with you, or 'just' anything. if you are who and what you say you are, you are on the make 24/7

either way, it's rank and base and you will die a miserable man. if you are a woman you are sick. actually either way, you are sick. or have a sick sense of humour.

but most of your readers seem too stupid to get it, they are sucked in big time.

7:45 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Um excuse me just cuz i read this does NOT mean i agree with what he does. But its not like anything i say is gonna change him so why not get a little insight into the mind of a person like this? Plus this is the internet the land of make believe you need to just relax and stop thinking of ways to call ppl stupid. Thanks F

3:11 PM


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