tryst (trst) n. 1. An agreement, as between lovers, to meet at a certain time and place. 2. A meeting or meeting place that has been agreed on.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The last time

Tonight will be the last time that I have sex with Julia, at least for a while. I am just not in to the routine thing. If i can see her ever 3 or 4 weeks that would be excellent.

She is a kinky bird thats for sure...........loves keeping her boots on during sex. Also she keeps the lights on and her eyes open when we go at it, she loves to watch. Also wants me to come with her to a swinging club


Blogger Far said...

OK so my question here is one you get em how do u make em go away especially when they work in the same building and u have been driving her home??

3:08 PM

Blogger Tryst said...

Part of the challenge......basically you have to smother them with affection and they pull away

3:13 PM

Blogger Far said...

hmm interesting.. u really think she will pull away so quick>?? why dont u play the i banged you, got what i wanted, now get away card...

3:15 PM

Blogger Tryst said...

cuz that isn't nice. I still want to keep her around.

and since when do girls use the term "banged"

3:16 PM

Blogger Far said...

LOL i DO you got a prob???

3:17 PM

Blogger Tryst said...

no i love it..........very Ricky Martin of you

3:18 PM

Blogger Tryst said...


I think you have an itch that need scratchin'

3:20 PM

Blogger Far said...

LOL no no im on a break thanks though haha

3:23 PM

Blogger Tryst said...

That is what they all say...........your B.O.B. must be pulling double shifts

3:24 PM


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