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Monday, July 18, 2005

Is the Penis Gross?

PM suggest that some women may find the penis visually unappealing. While this doesn't surprise me, as the one-eyed trouser monster can be a little intimidating, it is refreshing to see all of these women who are comfortable with their vaginas in all their pink glory.

While I could have been wrong with my initial assumptions about women and their appreciation for the female apparatus, it could also be that the lovelies who read this blog are simply strong, confident women (three cheers for you!)


Anonymous PureMood said...

I don't find it gross... not in my husbands case... it's appealing, to me. Tho, I talked to some women before who think it's just plain ugly, the sight of a penis, that is... while that may be true - it's only true for some and not all.

3:00 PM

Blogger Spinsterella said...

I like them!

(Considerably less appealing in their limp state however)

6:38 AM

Blogger Tryst said...

Good to hear!

10:40 AM


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