tryst (trst) n. 1. An agreement, as between lovers, to meet at a certain time and place. 2. A meeting or meeting place that has been agreed on.

Friday, July 22, 2005

How I would play Farah

If I was intent on working Farah's tight body over, I would definitely have to be creative.

I would probably strike the "I'm gay and I bet you can't convert me, no matter how good your blow jobs are"

This tact requires a fair amount of time and energy, but works about 50% of the time as long as you don't rush it.


Blogger Far said...

LOL stop writing posts about me its never going to happen! How do you find the time for ALL these women i have NO idea!

PS i would never try to convert a gay man!

5:25 PM

Blogger Tryst said...

I'm allowed to dream arent I?

5:34 PM

Blogger Far said...

yes, yes you are lol

1:45 AM

Blogger Tryst said...

Still have not said if you are the banger or bangee

9:39 AM


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