tryst (trst) n. 1. An agreement, as between lovers, to meet at a certain time and place. 2. A meeting or meeting place that has been agreed on.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Funny shit

Turkish Delight

Ya gotta click it


Blogger Lex said...

That is f**ked.

8:46 PM

Blogger Tryst said...

isn't that insane

You're hot!

9:00 PM

Anonymous Daphne said...

That sounds worse than when they keep doing those reinsertions in porn! Those Hurt like a sonofabitch!!! Trust me, those gals aren't always moaning from pleasure by the 6-8000th pull out quick reinsert of a giant black cock. Their asses are burning from the inside out. That and bad stories from other gals who've had to be sewn up back there from gangbangs have made me decide to never attempt that sort of stunt.

8:30 AM

Blogger Tryst said...

You mean again right?

What those 20 man gangbangs aren't fun? It isn't enjoyable getting fucked by a group of guys who just want to shove it in you as hard as possible and make you hurt?

Go figure.

8:52 AM

Anonymous Daphne said...

:P It can be, but anal only gangbangs wear you out much faster. Then again I was big into those at 19...haven't done one in awhile...

9:32 AM

Blogger Tryst said...

Daphne..........i must come visit!

9:52 AM

Anonymous Daphne said...

Just don't stand me up!!! Lol I've hosted a few GBs with a good sized list of attendees only to be in the motel room by myself. (Well, not for long, just to go to hit the bar and lower my standards, lol.)

2:18 PM

Blogger Tryst said...

when are you free?

2:26 PM


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